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Company News About National Testing Center
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National Testing Center

Latest company news about National Testing Center

Own 1 national-level room-temperature testing center and 1 constant-temperature testing center, equipped by advanced instruments for testing products of every process including from fiber to finished products, to ensure the standardization of testing environment and the accuracy of results.

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200 test items

Fiber & Yarn analysation, fabric index test, garment performance test, dye stuff & auxiliaries test, More than 200 test items, covering standards of Europe, US, Japan, Australia, and China.

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Constant-temperature testing

Items: fiber, yarn, fabric stiffness, fabric breathability, fabric strength, fabric pilling, fabric wear resistance, anti-UV, anti-static test.

Room-temperature testing

Items: fabric performance, thickness, fastness, protective performance, rain, flame retardant, waterproof, oil repellent, soil release, acid and alkali resistant, wicking, hydrostatic pressure, elasticity, moisture permeability , Industrial washing, anti-infrared, anti-wrinkle.

Tests approved by coustomer

Check and benchmark periodically. Instruments parameters and standards are synchronized with third-party organizations (ITS, SGs, STC, National Labor Insurance Quality Supervision and Testing Center) at regular intervals. Professional tester study and exchange regularly, and test according to the standard strictly. Commit to provide reliable testing reports.

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