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Company News About National R&D Center
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National R&D Center

Latest company news about National R&D Center

Jialian has a national-level R&D center, integrating advanced technologies of fibers, textile, dyestuff, and printing and dyeing, continuing to invest strongly in the field of innovation, and focusing on developing technology for workwear and camouflage fabrics. Continue to create value for the whole industry and the whole society, so that more people, families and organizations can benefit from the fabrics.

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Strengthen technological research continuously

The company insists on investing more than 5260000 RMB of its sales revenue into R&D every year, continues to explore and plan product varieties, and cooperate with academia to develop new fabric technologies. The company’s technology is world-leading. The 50 times of industrial washing fabrics and the anti-infrared, waterproof, high hydrostatic pressure and wear-resistant greenwear fabrics won the first prize of China Excellent Fabrics. The products are exported to more than 120 countries.

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Accumulate and innovate continuously to develop

After years of exploration, Jialian has now successfully transformed and upgraded twice through the establishment of a lean R&D system. One is from OEM to ODM, and the other is from OEM revenue to OEM and supply chain revenue. Train continuously technical personnel through R&D and technical management standardization.

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Through the introduction of lean R&D, the scattered knowledge resources are systematically sorted out and integrated, and finally used in manufacturing. Paying attention to the management of the whole process from development, producing to sale, and has formed its own unique system, which has laid a good foundation for the company to always maintain the advanced level of the industry. Insisting on the concept of open innovation, Jialian continues to strengthen basic research, actively promotes collaborative innovation with academies, and lights up the future with innovative results.